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1846-1862 Voters      There are 97 records.

No.Enrol DateNameOccup.AddressQualificationPropertyatNotes
4094 3 September 1857 Arthur, Robert farmer, Newport tenant Sea Mills and lands of Newport Location
4095 3 September 1858 Brown, William inn or hotel keeper, Newport tenant of the inn, stabling, garden and land at Newport, and land at Parknowe Location
4096 3 September 1858 Brown, James cabinetmaker, Newport proprietor house and garden at St Phillans Place Easter Newport
4097 3 September 1857 Bogie, James corn merchant, E. Newport proprietor dwelling house, garden, and pertinents Easter Newport Location
4098 22 September 1832 Buist, James tenant lands Kirktonbarns Location
4099 21 September 1832 Bell, Alexander proprietor houses and ground parish of Forgan [entry deleted] Dead
4100 21 September 1832 Bell, John Writer proprietor houses and gardens Maryton [entry deleted] Disqualified
4101 F. Berry, William proprietor lands of Inner Dovat called Leightons Lands Leightons lands [entry deleted] DeadLocation
4102 12 September 1860 Boyd, Robert writer, Dundee, residing in Newport proprietor dwelling house and garden ground at Newport
4103 1844 Brown, Alexander farmer tenant farm Inverdovat [entry deleted] DeadLocation
4104 1846 Berry, John, yr., of Tayfield proprietor lands and houses Parknowe Location
4105 August 1851 Brown, Archibald farmer tenant and occupant lands or farm of Innerdovat Location
4106 3 September 1857 Brodie, George auctioneer, Dundee proprietor dwelling house and garden, Elm Bank Easter Newport [entry deleted] Dead
4107 21 August 1835 Croom, John merchant, Dundee proprietor part of the lands of Sea Craig, etc Sea Craig, etc [entry deleted] Dead
4108 3 September 1857 Cowie, Robert painter in Dundee proprietor cottage and ground Ash Cliff Location
4109 3 September 1857 Cunningham, John wine and spirit merchant Easter Newport proprietor house and garden Viewbank Location
4110 3 September 1858 Calman, David feuar at Newport proprietor of house and garden, called the Anchorage, at Easter Newport
4111 3 September 1858 Chapman, James confectioner in Newport and Dundee proprietor of houses and land or ground West Newport Location
4112 3 September 1858 Croll, John builder at Hawkhill, Dundee proprietor in right of his wife houses and gardens Easter Newport Location
4113 3 September 1858 Dalgleish, William Ogilvy merchant in Dundee tenant and occupant cottage of Maryfield, garden and premises belonging to Rev. Thomas Just at Easter Newport [entry deleted] Disqualified
4114 20 August 1851 Fell, David farmer, Causewayhead tenant farm and lands of Causewayhead Location
4115 3 September 1857 Gordon, James merchant, Dundee joint proprietor granary and pertinents at Newport [entry deleted] DisqualifiedLocation
4116 1845 Guthrie, George proprietor house and garden Marytown [entry deleted] DeadLocation
4117 28 August 1850 Gibb, William Superintendent, Edinburgh Water Works, by Collinton proprietor houses parish of Forgan Location
4118 28 August 1850 Gibson, Kenneth Newport proprietor house and garden of Viewfield Easter Newport
4119 3 September 1858 Gellatly, David grocer in Newport proprietor house and shop Easter Newport Location
4120 24 September 1832 Hay, John proprietor lands Morton Location
4121 25 August 1836 Holden, Richard Gladhill merchant in Dundee owner or proprietor house or cottage and ground at Newport [entry deleted] DisqualifiedLocation
4122 1848 Holden, Richard Gladhill residing at Newport proprietor in right of wife of house or cottage and ground Newport Location
4123 3 September 1857 Harrower, George Ker merchant, Dundee joint proprietor granary and pertinents at Newport [entry deleted] DisqualifiedLocation
4124 3 September 1857 Henderson, Alexander spinner, Dundee proprietor house, garden, and pertinents of Woodbank Cottage
4125 2 September 1859 Jackson, Charles shoemaker, Easter Newport proprietor houses and garden at Easter Newport Location
4126 3 September 1857 Just, Robert builder, Newport proprietor dwelling-houses and gardens in Broadhaugh Park
4127 21 September 1832 Just, David mason proprietor house, garden and land Newport [entry deleted] Dead
4128 21 September 1832 Just, Robert wright joint proprietor house, garden and land Newport [entry deleted] Disqualified
4129 14 September 1838 Just, George builder proprietor dwelling-house and garden Broadhaugh Park
4130 1846 Just, John mason proprietor house and garden and pertinents being part of Broadhaugh Park [entry deleted] Dead
4131 1848 Just, Rev. Thomas residing at Newport proprietor house, garden ground, &c. Tayside, Newport
4132 20 August 1850 Jackson, John boatman, Newport proprietor two-storey dwelling-house and garden at Newport Location
4133 20 August 1850 Just, David, junior joiner, Newport proprietor two-storey dwelling-house and garden at Newport
4134 22 September 1832 Knox, David farmer tenant lands Flass [entry deleted] DeadLocation
4135 22 September 1832 Knox, Andrew farmer tenant farm Friarton
4136 1848 Kilgour, Andrew mason, Newport proprietor & proprietor in right of wife & proprietor in right of wife of house and garden at Newport, house and garden in Newport, & of half of house in Luthrie in Creich parish Creich & Forgan [entry deleted] DeadLocation
4137 3 September 1857 Knox, Andrew, junior farmer, Upper Friarton tenant farm of Upper Friarton
4138 3 September 1861 Kidd, Robert millwright, residing at Newport proprietor dwelling-house and garden at East Newport
4139 3 September 1857 Landsman, Thomas seaman, Easter Newport proprietor dwelling-houses, gardens, pertinents Easter Newport
4140 8 September 1837 M'Gillivray, Finlay mason proprietor two houses and garden Marytown
4141 20 August 1851 Mundie, Robert shipowner, Newport proprietor houses and garden at Newport
4142 3 September 1858 Murdoch, David blacksmith at Forgan proprietor houses and garden ground at Wester Newport
4143 2 September 1859 M'Leod, Niel Free Church minister liferent proprietor & occupant in virtue of his office Free Church manse, garden, and others, at Newport Location

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