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1971 dir      There are 1010 records.

Scott, W. R., 18 Tay Terrace : Solicitors
Scottish Aggregate, Ltd., St. Fort, Wormit
Scrimgeour, Catherine K., 14 Tay Street
Scrymgeour, James T., 16 Kirk Road
Scrymgeour, Miss A. M., 15 Kilnburn
Scrymgeour, Miss Flora, 19 Alma Terrace
Seacraig (Newport) Garage Co. Ltd., 31 King Street : Motor Engineers, Hirers And Agents
Seacraig (Newport) Garage Co., Ltd., motor engineers, agents and hirers, 31 King Street
Searle, J. architect and town planner, 8 St. Fort Road
Seddon, Mrs P. 8 Kilmany Road, Wormit
Seymour Hotel, 111 Tay Street : Hotels
Seymour Hotel, 111 Tay Street; J. G. Dickson, proprietor
Sharpe, J. M. H., 62 West Road
Shearer, C. M., 62 Tay Street
Shepherd, Mrs C., 81 Tay Street
Sibbald, Rev. Benjamin, 3 Bank Street
Simmers, John H., clerk, 10 Hillside Place
Simpson, D., licensed grocer, Wormit Hall, Wormit
Simpson, D., Wormit Hall, Wormit : Grocers (Licensed)
Simpson, George, 7 High Street
Simpson, J. R., painter, 3 Craighead Crescent
Simpson, R. H., (Farmers), Ltd., Strawberry Bank, Forgan
Simpson, Robert E., 53 Crosshill Terrace, Wormit
Sinclair, A. F. grocer, 13 Cupar Road,; baker, 19
Sinclair, A. F., 13 Cupar Road : Grocers
Skinner, David H., 1 Viewmount Road, Wormit
Sloan, Joseph, engineer, 31 Craigshannoch Road
Sloan, Mrs W.T.L., 19 Norwood; Hon. Secretary, [under Newport-On-Tay Conservative Association]
Sloan, W. T. L., 19 Norwood
Small, A. G., 14 Kirk Road
Smart, Arthur W., M.A., lecturer, 43 Kilnburn
Smith, D. D., 22 Craighead Road
Smith, D., 25 Craighead Road
Smith, D., 88 Tay Street
Smith, David, M.I.Mar.E. (agent, Dundee), 14 Tay Terrace
Smith, Dr William D. L., 13 King Street
Smith, F. M., 32 High Street : Booksellers And Newsagents
Smith, F., 32 High Street; Secretary, [under Newport-On-Tay Ex-Service Association]
Smith, Frank M., bookseller and stationer, 32 High Street, Tel. N. 3210; h. Taycliffe, 75 Tay Street
Smith, George H., of James S. Jack & Sons, 21 Kilnburn
Smith, Hood & Co. Ltd., coal merchants and colliery agents, 52 High Street and Railway Station
Smith, Hood & Co., Ltd., 52 High Street and Railway Station : Coal Merchants
Smith, J., 11 East Queen Street
Smith, John F., bank teller, 6 Kerr Street
Smith, Kenneth M. 1 Castle Brae
Smith, Miss C., 3 Viewmount Road, Wormit
Smith, Mrs C. E. 10 Kilmany Road, Wormit
Smith, Mrs C., 37 Riverside Gardens
Smith, Mrs M., 2 Tay Terrace
Smith, Mrs Mary, 97 Tay Street

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