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1892-93 dir      There are 858 records.

Adie, Miss, Fuchsia cottage, West NewportLocation
Adie, Robert N., Fuchsia cottage, West NewportLocation
Aitken, John (ironmonger, Dundee), Woodside, East NewportLocation
Alexander, David (merchant, Dundee), St Phillan's place, East NewportLocation
Allardice, John, Seacraig, Tayport roadLocation
Allison, James, M.A., LL.B. (solicitor, Dundee), Edina villa, E. NewportLocation
Allison, James, M.A., LL.B; Vice-President, [under Newport Literary Society, Founded 1879. Society Meets In Blyth Hall Buildings, On Tuesday Evenings, At 8 O'Clock.]
Allison, Matthew (shipowner, Dundee), Edina villa, East NewportLocation
Allison, Matthew W., Edina villa, East NewportLocation
Allison, Matthew W., Edina Villa, Newport; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, [under Newport Literary Society, Founded 1879. Society Meets In Blyth Hall Buildings, On Tuesday Evenings, At 8 O'Clock.]Location
Anderson, Alex. M., watchmaker and jeweller, Post Office, PierheadLocationLocation (2)
Anderson, D. M. (solicitor, Dundee), Ellenmount, West NewportLocation
Anderson, James, builder, Riverview, WormitLocation
Anderson, Mrs David, Ellenmount, West NewportLocation
Anderson, Peter, baker, Pierhead ; h. 15 Kilnburn place, East NewportLocationLocation (2)
Anderson, Thomas, painter, Kirkton, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Anderson, William, shipmaster, Myrtlebank, WormitLocation
Anderson, Wm. (builder and contractor, Dundee), Scotia villa, W. NewportLocation
Angus, Robert, salmonfisher, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Armit, James, ploughman, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Arnot, David, farmer, West FriartonLocation
Arthur, John, farmer, Craighead farm, NewportLocation
Auchterlonie, Alexander, baker and miller, Luthrie, Creich[not in Forgan parish]
Bain, John, stationmaster, Newport W. station; h. Poplar pl., E. NewportLocationLocation (2)
Bain, Miss Mary, 2 St Phillan's placeLocation
Bain, William, Bellevue terrace, East NewportLocation
Ballingall, Mrs, farmer, Newton, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Balsillie, Andrew, gardener, William street, East NewportLocation
Barclay, Miss M. (umbrella maker, Dundee), 9 Robert street, E. NewportLocation
Barker, Robert, Maryfield, William street, East NewportLocation
Barlow, John, officer, 'Mars' Training ShipLocation
Barrie, Thomas, teacher, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Barrie, Thomas; Balmerino Public School Teacher, [under Balmerino School Board][not in Forgan parish]
Barron, James (hosier and glover, Dundee), Braeknowe, West NewportLocation
Barry, Miss, William streetLocation
Bartlett, Peter Jack, marine engineer, 3 Robert streetLocation
Batchelor, Miss N., music teacher, William street, East NewportLocation
Baxter, Mrs Henry, Violetbank, WormitLocation
Baxter, Mrs P. M., Louise place, High streetLocation
Beattie, James (merchant, Dundee), 2 Kilnburn terraceLocation
Belford, James G. (merchant, Dundee), Tayside, WormitLocation
Bell, Geo. G. (wholesale grocer, Dundee), North Myrtlebank, Tayport rd.Location
Bell, George, gardener, Robert street [?]
Bell, Jane, apartments, Kirkton, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Bell, John, landscape gardener, Robert streetLocation
Bell, William F. (wholesale grocer, Dundee), Woodmuir, West NewportLocation
Berry, Thomas (merchant, Dundee), 5 Struan placeLocation
Berry, William, of Tayfield, Tayfield houseLocation
Berry, William, of Tayfield; [under Justices Of The Peace Resident At Newport]Location
Berry, William; President, [under Newport Cricket Club, Ground West Newport]

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