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Location : house on site of Royal Hotel,  Tay Street

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= Property demolished or site redeveloped

Notes:      Demolished



House of 8 rooms. Demolished to make way for the Royal Hotel.


Location and Old Maps

Latitude, longitude:      56.441998,-2.940421

View location on the 1855 6-inch map, the 1895 25-inch map, the 1966 25-inch map, or a 1944-50 aerial photograph at the National Library of Scotland website.


Old Addresses (any dates are approximate and are usually the latest occurence of the address)



House Names (any dates are approximate and are usually the latest occurence of the name)

Tay Cottage 1875



Directory entries (before 1970)      There are 9 entries

1876-77 dirTurnbull, John, engineer and millwright, Robert street ; h. Tay cottage, East Newport [* ms. alteration - 'Tay cottage' deleted]location 2
1874-75 dirBeckwith, Mrs, Tay Cottage, Newport
1873 Slater dirBeckwith Mrs. -, Tay Cottage, Newport
1871-72 dirBeckwith, Mrs, Tay Cottage, East Newport
1869-70 dirBeckwith, Mrs, Tay Cottage
1866 Fife dirDonaldson, John, clerk (Dundee), E Newport
1862 Fife dirRobertson, John F, banker (Dundee), E Newport
1853-54 dirTurnbull, William, millwright. Union Street ; h, Tay Cottage.location 2
1853-54 dirBoyd, Robert, writer (Dun.), Tay Cottage, Tay Street.



Census records

YearHead Notes
1871 Beckwith Catherine H View household
1861 Robertson Jeffrey H View household
1851 Boyd Robert View household



Valuation Roll entries      There are 7 entries

1875-76322House and Garden John Turnbull, millwright Said J. Turnbull 24View details
1871-72289House and Garden John & Trs of late Alexander Turnbull Mrs Beckwith 25View details
1867-68268House and Garden J. Turnbull & Trustees of late A. Turnbull John Donaldson, clerk 25-0-2View details
1865-66252House and Garden Alexander and John Turnbull, millwrights said John Donaldson John Donaldson, merchant 25View details
1864-65235House and Garden Alexander and John Turnbull, millwrights John Donaldson, clerk 25View details
1860-61202House and Garden William Turnbull, millwright John Robertson, banker 27View details
1855-56108House and Garden William Turnbull, millwright Robert Boyd, writer said Robert Boyd 26View details



Sasines pre-1900:



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