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1878-1879 Voters      There are 273 records.

No.Enrol DateNameOccup.AddressQualificationPropertyatNotes
4083 Alexander, David commission agent Easter Newport
4084 Allison, Matthew sailmaker Easter Newport
4085 Anderson, Alexander mason Wester Newport Location
4086 Anderson, David corn merchant Wester Newport
4087 Anderson, Robert manufacturer Newport
4088 Anderson, William builder Wester Newport
4089 Anderson, William captain Easter Newport Location
4090 Arkley, David shipmaster Easter Newport
4091 Arnot, David farmer Friarton
4092 Arthur, John farmer Seamills Location
4093 Balfour, David grocer Easter Newport
4094 Ballingall, George farmer Newton Location
4095 Barret, Henry Newport
4096 Barron, James warehouseman Wester Newport
4097 Batchelor, George upholsterer Wester Newport Location
4098 Baxter, David saddler Easter Newport
4099 Baxter, Thomas commission agent Wester Newport Location
4100 Beattie, James confectioner Easter Newport
4101 Bisset, Henry tailor Seggie Den Location
4102 Black, James wright Roseberry Location
4103 Boyd, Robert writer Newport
4104 Brand, David bank clerk Easter Newport
4105 Brown, David railway clerk Easter Newport
4106 Brown, James cabinetmaker Easter Newport
4107 Brown, John shipbuilder Craighead
4108 Brown, Robert captain Easter Newport
4109 Brown, Robert junior bootmaker Kilnburn Place, Newport
4110 Brown, Robert senior senior Kilnburn Place, Newport
4111 Bruce, John architect Wester Newport
4112 Buist, William Wright Woodhaven
4113 Butchart, James grocer Easter Newport
4114 Cameron, George flesher Easter Newport
4115 Campbell, Alexander merchant Craighead Location
4116 Campbell, Donald teacher Easter Newport
4117 Cappon, James shipmaster Craighead
4118 Carr, Michael Sinclair commercial traveller Easter Newport Location
4119 Chapman, James confectioner Wester Newport
4120 Clark, David Robertson printer Easter Newport
4121 Clark, George teacher Easter Newport Location
4122 Comar, William clothier Craighead
4123 Congleton, Thomas solicitor Wester Newport Location
4124 Cooper, David retired slater Easter Newport
4125 Craig, James merchant Easter Newport
4126 Crichton, Peter provision merchant Easter Newport
4127 Crooks, Robert ironmonger Wester Newport
4128 Cross, Alexander merchant Easter Newport
4129 Cumming, Gershom Gourlay artist Wester Newport Location
4130 Cunningham, John wine merchant Easter Newport Location
4131 Curror, Adam Henry farmer Wormit Location
4132 Deuchars, Lawrence engineer Easter Newport

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