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1885 Clark dir      There are 160 records.

Allan, Rev. Robert, Congregational Church, Newport : Places Of Worship.Location
Anderson, Peter, Pierhead : Bakers.Location
Anderson, Peter, West Newport : Grocers.Location
Arnott, David, Wester and Upper Friarton : Farmers, Forgan Parish.Location
Arrol, Thomas, Tay Bridge Works, Engineer : Miscellaneous.Location
Arthur, John, Craighead : Farmers, Forgan Parish.Location
Ballingall, P. L. (reps.), Newton : Farmers, Forgan Parish.Location
Barrie, Thomas, for Balmerino : Registrars Of Births Etc.[not in Forgan parish]
Barrie, Thos., master, Gauldry, Balmerino : Board Schools[not in Forgan parish]
Bartlett, Agnes, Union st : Milliners And Dressmakers.Location
Batchelor, George, William st, Upholsterer : Miscellaneous.Location
Batchelor, Miss N., (music), William st, East Newport : Teachers.Location
Baxter, David, Bloomfield cottage, East Newport : Saddlers.Location
Black, James, Manager : Newport Gas Light Co.Location
Blyth-Martin, W. Y., President. : Newport Curling Club Location (2)
Blyth-Martin, W. Y., President. : Newport Horticultural Society
Brown, James, (and agent for the Caledonian Insurance Co.), Kilnburn House : Builders.Location
Brown, James, From Gauldry to Dundee, Friday. : Carriers[not in Forgan parish]
Brown, Wm., Daisy Bank, West Newport : Gardeners.Location
Buist, Wm., Woodhaven : Joiners.Location
Campbell, David, King st, East Newport : Gardeners.Location
Campbell, Peter, 2 St Phillan's pl : Surgeons.Location
Campbell, Rev. James, D.D., Balmerino Established Church : Places Of Worship.[not in Forgan parish]
Carr, Michael S., Treasurer. : Newport Horticultural Society
Christie, Peter & John, Kirktonbarns : Farmers, Forgan Parish.Location
Clark, Alex., Craighead cottage, East Newport : Gardeners.Location
Clark, John (and ironmonger), High st : Plumbers And Gasfitters.Location
Craig, Alex., Osborne pl, East Newport, House Factor : Miscellaneous.Location
Cram, James, Secretary And Treasurer. : Newport Bowling Club Location (2)
Davidson, Robert, Gauldry : Builders.[not in Forgan parish]
Davidson, Sergeant-Major J., Instructor : Newport Artillery Volunteers-No. 2 Battery 1st FifeLocation
Doig, Wm., 1 High st, Chemist and Druggist : Miscellaneous.Location
Don, James, William at, East Newport : Gardeners.Location
Duff, Miss J., West Newport : Academies And Schools.Location
Duncan, Adam, James' sq, East Newport : Gardeners.Location
Duncan, James, Stationmaster : Station, East NewportLocation
Duncan, Jas., Railway station, East Newport : Coal Merchants.Location
Duncan, John, From Balmerino to Dundee, Friday : Carriers[not in Forgan parish]
Farmer, Alex., Gauldry : Builders.[not in Forgan parish]
Farmer, Andrew, Gauldry : Builders.[not in Forgan parish]
Fearn, Thomas, Forgan : Blacksmiths.Location
Fenton, Wm., Pierhead : Painters And Paperhangers.LocationLocation (2)
Fenwick, Peter (Newport Hotel and posting house), Newport : Spirit Dealers And Public Houses.Location
Fenwick, Peter, Northfield : Farmers, Forgan Parish.Location
Ferguson, Robt, Railway stn., East Newport : Coal Merchants.Location
Fergusson, John, master, Newport : Board Schools Location (2)
Ferrie, Wm., President : Marytown Bowling Club East Newport Location (2)
Ferrie, Wm., Robert st : Plasterers.Location
Fleming, James, West Newport : Boot And Shoe Makers.Location
Flynn, Michael, Officer. : 'Mars' Training ShipLocation

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