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1915 Slater dir      There are 711 records.

Adams James O. Abbotsford [under Wormit]Location
Agnew Hillary, 16 Norwood terrace, E Location
Aitken John, Roseneath [under Wormit]Location
Aitken Miss, 5 Norwood terrace, ELocation
Aitken Mrs. 2 Woodbine terrace, E Location
Aitken William, Floral bank [under Woodhaven]Location
Alexander Mrs. St. Phillan's, ELocation
Alexander Siegmund, Canisbay lodge, Tayport road, ELocation
Allen Charles B. 7 Linden avenue, E Location
Allen Charles, Craignish, WLocation
Allison David M. 11 Hill crescent [under Wormit]Location
Allison James. Taymount, Prospect ter. E Location
Allison Jas. The Briars, Woodmuir pk. W Location
Allison John, Carlonan, WLocation
Allison Mrs. 5 Kilnburn place, ELocation
Allison William, Kincraig, Woodmuir, W Location
Allison, David, M.A. master; Wormit, [under Schools.] Location (2)
Allison, James; Clerk & Treasurer, [under Forgan School Board.]
Anderson Alex. M. bookseller, Pierhead, E [under Commercial]LocationLocation (2)
Anderson George Oliphant, poultry farmer, Knockhill [under Forgan Commercial]Location
Anderson James, 1 Holly cottages, WLocation
Anderson Mrs. Ellen mount, WLocation
Anderson Robert, Kilgask. ELocation
Anderson William B. Derby ho. Tay ter. E Location
Anderson William, Scotia villa, W Location
Anderson, Alexander M., postmaster; [under Post Office Newport]LocationLocation (2)
Anderson, L., hall keeper; Blyth Memorial Public Hall, [under Town Council.]LocationLocation (2)
Armstrong Miss, Craigard [under Wormit]Location
Arnott James, Wester Friartown [under Farmers]Location
Arthur Mrs. Robert, Causewayhead [under Farmers]Location
Atkin Charles, 7 Hill crescent [under Wormit]Location
Baggesen George O. Union cottage, W Location
Bain Miss, 4 Clifton bank, E Location
Bain William, Woodmuir park, W Location
Balfour Miss, Fountain brae, Tayport rd. ELocation
Ballingall Mrs. Newton (letters via Wormit, Fifeshire) [under Farmers]Location
Barber David, tailor, 2 Poplar place, E [under Commercial]Location
Barlow John, plumber, see Betsworth & Barlow [under Commercial]Location
Barlow John, Robert street, E Location
Barrie Charles, grocer & dealer in wines & spirits & ale 3 High street [under Commercial]Location
Bathgate George, station master, E [under Commercial]Location
Bathgate, George, station master; East Newport, [under Railway Stations.]Location
Bathie John, Rosebank [under Woodhaven]Location
Belford James Gibson, Tay side [under Wormit]Location
Bell Alexander, Glencairn [under Wormit]Location
Bell Mrs. Heathcote [under Woodhaven]Location
Bell Mrs. Waverley cottage [under Wormit]Location
Berry Mrs. Tayfield, WLocation
Berry William J.P. Tayfield, WLocation
Berry, William, esq. J.P; [under Principal Land Owners]Location

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