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1936-37 MacDonald dir      There are 566 records.

Adams, G. R., Ingleside, Wormit Location
Adams, J. O., Abbotsford, Wormit Location
Adamson, H., Wester Friarton [under Agricultural]Location
Aitken, Miss, 5 Norwood ter., E. N. Location
Aitken, Misses, Roseneath, Wormit Location
Aitken, Wm., Norwood ter., E. N. Location
Allison, C., Hillden, W. N.Location
Allison, James, Craiglea, E. N. Location
Allison, James; Burgh Prosecutor [under Town Officials ]
Allison, John M., Carlonan, Wester NewportLocation
Allison, Misses, The Briars, Wester NewportLocation
Allison, Mrs, Vine Bank, E. N. Location
Allison, W., Dalgarth, W. N. Location
Anderson, G. O., KnockhillLocation
Anderson, Misses, Ellenmount, Wester NewportLocation
Anderson, Misses, The Cottage, W. N. Location
Anderson, W., Hillpark ter., Wormit Location
Andrew, J., Tay st., E. N. Location
Armstrong, Miss, Craigard, WormitLocation
Bain, A. G., Rockmount, Wormit Location
Bain, Mrs, Beechwood ter., W. N. Location
Barclay, A. A., Gauldry : Grocers[not in Forgan parish]
Barrie, T., Greenbank, Wormit Location
Barry, J. A., GowanbankLocation
Barry, J. A.; Depute Town-Clerk [under Town Officials ]
Beasley, F. W., Laurel ter., E. N. [?]
Beat, Mrs, Cragside, Scroggieside Location
Beatt & Tait, 3 High street. Phone 72 : ConfectionersLocation
Beatt & Tait, 3 High street. Phone 72 : FruiterersLocation
Beatt & Tait, 3 High street. Phone No. 72 : GrocersLocation
Beatt, David R., Pierhead; also funeral undertaker. Phone No. 226 : Cabinetmakers And UpholsterersLocation
Behrens, E., Balnacraig, W. N. Location
Belford, D., Waverley Cot., WormitLocation
Belford, Miss, Tayside Ho., Wormit Location
Belford, William Y., 11 Robert street : BakersLocation
Bell, Alex., Birkhill ave., WormitLocation
Berry, Capt. Robert, ChesterhillLocation
Berry, Wm., of Tayfield, Tayfield HouseLocation
Betsworth & Barlow, High st. : Plumbers And GasfittersLocation
Birrell, A., Causewayhead [under Agricultural]Location
Bisset, Mrs, 9 Hillpark ter., Wormit Location
Black, Geo., Woodmuir ter., W. N. Location
Borland, W. P., 18 Norwood ter., E. N. Location
Borthwick, H., Bellevue, Wormit Location
Brakenridge, D. H., Netherlea, W. N Location
Breen, W. W., Briar Lea, E. N. Location
Bremner, J., Esley, Wester Newport Location
Brodie, C. N., Moyvilla, Wormit Location
Brown, A. E., Eastbrook, Albert crescent, Easter NewportLocation
Brown, C. K., 13 Kilnburn, E. N. Location

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