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1853-54 dir      There are 93 records.

Anderson, Mrs E., draper and grocer, Woodend.
Arthur, Robert, farmer, gardener, and cowfeeder.
Baird, Thomas, feuar and mason, Tayside.
Begg, Arthur, sen., clothier (Dun).Location
Bell, John, innkeeper, Newport Inn.
Berry, John, of Tayfield, Tayfield.Location
Berry, Misses, Abercraig.Location
Bogie, James, corn-merchant, Harp Cottage, Tay Street.Location
Boyack, William, flaxspinner (Dun.), Woodside Cottage.Location [probably this house]
Boyd, Robert, writer (Dun.), Tay Cottage, Tay Street.
Brand, James, Campstane.
Brodie, George, auctioneer (Dun.), Tayside.
Brown, Alex, Woodmuir Feus.
Clirehugh, William, clerk, Shore-Dues Office (Dun.); h. Woodmuir.Location
Copley, John, file and rasp cutter, Seamills.
Dingwall, Alex., miller, Seamills.Location
Dove, John F., merchant (Dun.), Woodmuir Feus.Location
Dove, William, merchant (Dun.), Woodmuir Feus.Location
Duncan, James, vintner, Woodend.
Duncan, James, wright, Woodhaven.Location
Duncan, Mrs, Tayside.
Duncan, William, wright, Tayside.
Durham, John, stationer (Dun.), Tay Street.Location
Fairlie, Rev. Samuel, Tayfield.
Fairlie, Samuel. Independent Church, Newport, Rev. [under Places Of Worship. ]Location
Foggie, John, wright, Tayfield.Location
Fyfe, Charles, clerk (Dun.), Craighead.
Garland, Joseph, shipbuilder, Woodhaven, h. Tayside.
Geekie, Peter, farmer, Waterston.Location
Gellatly, David, grocer, Union Street.
Gibb, David, vintner, Tay Street.
Gibson, Kenneth, saddler (Dun.), Viewfield.Location
Gourlay, Gershom, engineer (Dun.), Wellbank.Location [not Wellbank - not on 1855 OS map; 1855 VR has Wellgate House]
Guthrie, James, Tayside.
Hislop, John, teacher. Free Church School ; h. Woodside Cottages.Location
Holden, R. G., merchant (Dun.).Location
Ireland, James, shipmaster, Tayside.
Jackson, Charles, Woodside Cottages.Location
Jackson, John, collector, Tay Ferries; h. Woodside Cottages.Location Location (2)
Johnston, James, shoemaker, Woodend.
Johnston, Mrs, Woodend.
Just, David, wright, Woodmuir Feus.
Just, George, builder, Woodmuir Feus.
Just, John, farmer, Tayside.
Just, John, Woodmuir Feus.
Just, Mrs, Tayside.
Just, Rev. Thomas, Maryfield Cottage.Location
Just, Robert, wright.
Kilgour, Andrew, feuar and mason.Location
Low, Andrew, jun., shipowner (Dun.), Tay Street.

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