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1853-54 dir      There are 93 records.

M'Leod, Neil. Free Church, Newport, Rev. [under Places Of Worship. ]Location
M'Leod, Rev. Neil, Free Church Manse.Location
MacKay, John, police constable, Braehead. [?]
Mackie, Mrs, grocer, Union Street. [?]
Martin, John, blacksmith, Tayfield.Location
Melville, Mrs, Woodmuir House.Location
Moir, William, clerk (Dun.), Just's Cottages. [?]
Mundie, Robert, shipowner, Tay Street.Location
Murdoch, Peter, grocer, Seacraig.Location[?]
Nicoll, Mrs, Rose Cottage.Location
Parker, Edward, Greenbank, Woodmuir.Location
Paton, James M., Tayfield.Location
Paul, Arch., clerk (Dun.), Just's Cottage. [?]
Petrie, Mrs, Fisher's Cottage, Woodhaven.Location
Pitcairn, James, Rose Cottage. [?]
Ramsay, Peter, brewer and baker, Woodhaven.Location
Rhind, Alex., baker and corn-merchant ; h. Seacraig.LocationLocation (2)
Rhind, James, baker and corn-merchant, Tayside.Location
Rodger, James, farmer, Northfield.Location
Rodger, James, taproom, Pierhead. [?]
Roy, Andrew, teacher. Seminaries (Dun.), Comerton.[not in Forgan parish]
Scott, James, farmer, Craighead.Location
Shepherd, James, master of sailing-boats, Tay Ferries ; h. Woodmuir Feus.LocationLocation (2)
Shepherd, John, Post Office.Location
Sheppard, John, Receiver and Letter Carrier. [under Post Office Receiving House (Connected With Tayport) ]Location
Simpson, James, shoemaker, Woodhaven. [?]
Sinclair, Alex., jeweller (Dun.), Woodbine Cottage.Location
Smith, James, Chapel House.Location
Smith, Mathew, schoolmaster, Forgan.Location
Souter, William, clerk (Dun.), Forgan School.Location
Stephen, Mrs, Tay Street. [?]
Stewart, H. D., Inland Revenue (Dun.), Woodhaven. [?]
Taylor, Mrs W. O., Greenbank.Location
Thoms, George, merchant (Dun.), Seacraig Cottage.Location
Thomson, David, A.M. Established Church, Forgan, Rev. [under Places Of Worship. ]Location
Thomson, Rev. David, A.M., minister of Forgan, Forgan Manse.LocationLocation (2)
Tosh, Robert, shipowner (Dun.), Craighead.Location
Travener, James, collector of Customs (Dun.), Tay Street.Location
Turnbull, William, millwright. Union Street ; h, Tay Cottage.LocationLocation (2)
Walker, Henry, Woodmuir. [?]
Welsh, Mrs, vintner, Woodhaven.Location
Wilson, James, corn-factor (Dun.), Just's Cottages.Location[?]
Young, David, shipmaster, Tayside. [?]

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