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1891-92 Lamburn dir      There are 94 records.

Aitken, Miss, Friarton-bank : FarmersLocation
Anderson, Peter, Pierhead : Bakers.Location
Anderson, Peter, W Newport : Grocers.Location
Arnott, David, Wester Friartown : FarmersLocation
Arthur, J, Craighead and Tayfield : FarmersLocation
Ballingall, Mrs Peter, Newton : FarmersLocation
Barlow, Miss, James sq. : Milliners And Dressmakers.
Brown, Andrew, 11 High st, E N : IronmongerLocation
Brown, Wm., William st, E N : Gardeners.Location
Buist, Wm., Woodhaven : Joiners and Wrights.Location
Clark, Alex., Craighead cot, E N : Gardeners.Location
Coyle, Peter, Newport hotel : Horse Hirer.Location
Craig, Alex., Woodmuir, E N : House Factor
Davidson, Robert, Gauldry : Builders.[not in Forgan parish]
Deans, John, 7 James sq. : Gardeners.
Doig, William, & Son, 1 High st, E N and Dundee : Chemists And DruggistsLocation
Don, James C., William st, E N : Gardeners.Location
Duncan, James, Railway station, E N : Coal Merchants.Location
Farmer, Alex., Gauldry : Builders.[not in Forgan parish]
Farmer, Andrew, Gauldry : Builders.[not in Forgan parish]
Fearn, Thomas, Forgan : Black And Shoeing Smiths.Location
Fenton, Wm., Pierhead : Painters And Paperhangers.Location Location (2)
Ferguson, Mrs R., 14 High st E N : Fruiterers And Greengrocers.Location
Ferguson, Mrs R., 14 High st, E N : PoultererLocation
Ferrie, Wm., Robert st : Plasterers.Location
Fleming, J., Harris Buildings, WN : Boot and Shoe Makers.Location
Foggie, Wm., Pierhead : Joiners And Wrights.Location
Foulis, George, Gauldry : Boot And Shoe Makers.[not in Forgan parish]
Fraser, Wm., Union st : Joiners And Wrights.
Graham, John, Balmerino : Boot And Shoe Makers.[not in Forgan parish]
Green, John, Pierhead : Gardeners.Location
Haggart, Thomas, King st : Tailors.Location Location (2)
Hallyburton, George, High st : Grocer & Spirit DealersLocation
Hay, Robert, Wormit : FarmersLocation
Heggie, David, W N : Gardeners.Location
Henderson, George, Balmerino : Grocers.[not in Forgan parish]
Horsburgh, Jas., Railway stn., E N : Coal Merchants.
Husband, A., Gauldry, Balmerino : Grocers.[not in Forgan parish]
Jack, James S., High st : Plumbers And Gasfitters.Location [? he had moved by 1891]
Johnston, George, Gauldry : Grocer & Spirit Dealers[not in Forgan parish]
Johnston, George, Gauldry : Spirit Dealers And Public Houses.[not in Forgan parish]
Kay, Alex., Flass : FarmersLocation
Kay, John, jun., James sq. : Grocers.Location
Laing, Thos., James sq. : Joiners And Wrights.
Latto, David, High st, E W [sic] : Joiners And Wrights.
Lawson, Daniel, Braeside : Tailors.Location
Lawson, Hy. G., Causeway head : FarmersLocation
Learmonth, John, & Son, High St and Dundee : Boot And Shoe Makers.Location
Lindsay, John, King st, E N : Gardeners.Location
Low, Geo., Scroggieside : Farmers

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