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1921 Slater dir      There are 691 records.

Adams James O. Abbotsford [under Wormit]Location
Agnew Hillary, 16 Norwood terrace, ELocation
Aiken William, 14 Norwood, ELocation
Aiken William, station master [under Wormit Commercial]Location
Aiken, William, station master; Wormit, [under Railway Stations]Location
Aitken John, Roseneath [under Wormit]Location
Aitken Miss, 5 Norwood terrace, E Location
Aitken Mrs. Tay terrace, ELocation
Aitken William, Floral bank [under Woodhaven]Location
Allen Charles B. 7 Linden avenue, ELocation
Allen Charles, Craignish, WLocation
Allison James, Craiglea, ELocation
Allison Jas. The Briars, Woodmuir pk. WLocation
Allison John, Carlonan, WLocation
Allison William, Kincraig, Woodmuir, WLocation
Anderson Alex. M. optician, Pierhead, E [under Commercial]Location
Anderson Alexander M, Dunalastair, WLocation
Anderson George Oliphant, poultry farmer, Knockhill [under Forgan Commercial]Location
Anderson James, 1 Holly cottages, WLocation
Anderson Mrs. Ellen mount, WLocation
Anderson Mrs. The Cottage, WLocation
Anderson William R. Derby ho. Tay ter. ELocation
Anderson William, Scotia villa, WLocation
Anderson, Alexander M, postmaster; [under Post Office Newport]Location
Angus Mrs. Clifton bank, ELocation
Armstrong Miss, Craigard [under Wormit]Location
Arnott Patrick, Wester Friartown [under Farmers]Location
Arthur Mrs. Robert, Causewayhead [under Farmers]Location
Baggesen George O. Union cottage, WLocation
Bain William, Woodmuir park, WLocation
Ballingall Mrs. Newton (letters via Wormit, Fifeshire) [under Farmers]Location
Barlow John, plumber, see Betsworth & Barlow [under Commercial]Location
Barlow John, Robert street, ELocation
Barrie Charles, grocer, 3 High street, E [under Commercial]Location
Bathgate George, station master, E [under Commercial]Location
Bathgate, George, station master; East Newport, [under Railway Stations]Location
Bathie John, Rosebank [under Woodhaven]Location
Beattie Miss, 17 Norwood, ELocation
Behrens Ernest, Rosebank villa, WLocation
Behrens George, Bloomfield, ELocation
Belford James Gibson, Tay side [under Wormit]Location
Bell Alexander, Glencairn [under Wormit]Location
Bell Archibald, 3 Albert crescent, ELocation
Bell Christina (Mrs.), shopkpr. Robert st [under Commercial]Location
Bell Mrs Heathcote [under Woodhaven]Location
Bell Mrs. Waverley cottage [under Wormit]Location
Berry Mrs. Tayfield,Location
Berry William J.P. Tayfield, WLocation
Berry, William, esq. O.B.E., J.P; [under Principal Landowners]Location
Betsworth & Barlow, plumbers, High st. E [under Commercial]Location

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