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1833-1840 Voters      There are 39 records.

No.Enrol DateNameOccup.AddressQualificationPropertyatNotes
1356 8 September 1837 Adamson, Thomas Shipbuilder, Dundee proprietor in right of his wife and occupant dwelling house, offices and garden Village of Marytown
1357 22 September 1832 Buist, James tenant lands Kirkton Barns Location
1358 21 September 1832 Bell, Alexander proprietor houses and ground Parish of Forgan
1359 21 September 1832 Bell, John Writer proprietor houses and gardens Maryton
1360 F. Berry, William proprietor lands of Inner Dovat called Leightons Lands Leightons lands Location
1361 22 September 1832 Brown, Archibald Farmer tenant lands Innerdovat Location
1362 21 August 1835 Bruce, James Farmer tenant houses mills and lands Farm of Seamills Location
1363 22 September 1832 Christie, John Farmer tenant lands Cawseyhead [entry deleted] Dead
1364 21 August 1835 Croom, John Merchant, Dundee proprietor part of the lands of Sea Craig etc Sea Craig etc
1365 21 September 1832 Duncan, William proprietor houses and ground Tayside
1366 22 September 1832 Fleming, Thomas Farmer tenant lands East Friarton [entry deleted] 1840 ExpungedLocation
1367 24 September 1832 Hay, John proprietor lands Morton Location
1368 25 August 1836 Holden, Richard Gleadhill Merchant in Dundee owner or proprietor house or cottage and ground at Newport Location
1369 21 September 1832 Just, Thomas proprietor house and lands parish of Forgan
1370 21 September 1832 Just, William Mason proprietor house at Newport and the feuduties of houses and lands of Broadheugh Newport & Broadheugh [entry deleted] DeadLocation
1371 24 September 1832 Just, George Builder feuar lands of Justfield & houses thereon of the lands of Cawseyhead Justfield & Cawseyhead Location
1372 21 September 1832 Just, David Mason proprietor house, garden and land Newport
1373 21 September 1832 Just, Robert Wright joint proprietor house, garden and land Newport
14 September 1838 Just, George junr. mason proprietor dwelling house and garden Broad Heugh Park
1374 22 September 1832 Knox, David Farmer tenant lands Flass Location
1375 22 September 1832 Knox, Andrew Farmer tenant farm Friarton
1376 21 September 1832 Landale, Charles Civil Engineer proprietor houses and garden ground Newport [entry deleted] Dead
1377 22 September 1832 Murray, John Mason proprietor houses Murray Place, Maryton Location
1378 13 August 1834 Miln, George proprietor houses etc Marytown [entry deleted] Dead
1379 8 September 1837 M'Gillivray, Finlay mason proprietor two houses and garden Marytown
1380 22 September 1832 Nicoll, David Farmer tenant farm Upper Friarton
1381 8 September 1837 Oliphant, Robert farmer tenant farm East Friarton Location
1382 22 September 1832 Rogers, John Farmer feuar lands Northfield Location
1383 22 September 1832 Robertson, Charles tenant lands Morton Location
1384 21 September 1832 Rhind, Alexander Farmer tenant farm Woodhaven
1385 21 September 1832 Russell, Alexander Farmer tenant lands and farm Newton Location
1386 F. Stewart, Archibald Campbell proprietor lands of Saint Ford enclusive of Causewayhead Saint fort [entry deleted] DeadLocation
1387 F. Stewart, Henry proprietor lands Nether St Fort etc. Location
1388 F. Stewart, William proprietor lands Little Friarton and Woodhaven
1389 21 August 1835 Symon, Adam Dundee proprietor piece of ground houses and growing timber thereon part of Broadhaugh Broadhaugh Forgan [houses and gardens Ferryport on Craig deleted]
14 September 1838 Smyth, Henry Schoolmaster liferenter and occupant house offices and garden attached to the situation of Schoolmaster of the parish of Forgan Schoolhouse etc. Forgan
1390 21 September 1832 Turnbull, William Millwright tenant farm and mill of Seamills Location
1391 24 September 1832 Williamson, John Farmer tenant lands Burnside Location
1392 14 August 1833 Wilson, James Corn merchant proprietor and occupant granary Newport Location

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