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1919-20 MacDonald dir      There are 604 records.

Adams, G. R. jun., Ingleside, Wormit Location
Adams, J. O., Abbotsford, Wormit Location
Agnew, Miss, Rocquaivie, Norwood ter.Location
Aitken, John, Roseneath, WormitLocation
Aitken, Miss, Marchmont, Norwood Location
Aitken, Mrs, 2 Woodbine terrace Location
Allan, C. J., Craignish, W. N.Location
Allan, Charles B., 7 Linden avenue Location
Allison, David, 11 Hill cres., Wormit Location
Allison, James, Prospect terrace Location
Allison, James, The Briars, Wester NewportLocation
Allison, James; Burgh Prosecutor [under Newport Town Officials]
Allison, John M., Carlonan, Wester NewportLocation
Allison, W. G., Kincraig, Wester NewportLocation
Anderson, A. M.; Postmaster [under Newport Town Officials]Location
Anderson, A., Harcourt house, W. N. Location
Anderson, D. A., Oakhurst, Woodhaven Location
Anderson, G. O., KnockhillLocation
Anderson, Mrs, Ellenmount, Wester NewportLocation
Anderson, Mrs, Gowrie HillLocation
Anderson, W. R., Glandore, Woodriffe terraceLocation
Anderson, William, Scotia Villa, Wester NewportLocation
Armstrong, Miss, Craigard, Wormit Location
Arnot, John S., Wester and Upper Friarton [under Farmers]Location
Arthur, Mrs E. C., Causewayhead [under Farmers]Location
Bain, Miss, Clifton Bank, Laurel ter. Location
Bain, W., Woodmuir ter., W. N. Location
Ballingall, Mrs, Newton [under Farmers]Location
Barrie, Charles, 3 High street; agent for W. & A. Gilbey's wines and spirits : GrocersLocation
Bathie, J. N., WormitLocation
Beattie, Misses, Norwood terrace Location
Behrens, George, BloomfieldsLocation
Belford, J. G., Tayside House, Wormit Location
Bell, Alexander, Riverlea, WormitLocation
Bell, Mrs, Waverley Cot., Wormit Location
Bell, Mrs, Woodhaven
Benuent, T. W., Elmslea, Scroggieside Location
Berry, Capt. R. A. J., Chesterhill Location
Berry, Wm., of Tayfield, Tayfield HouseLocation
Betsworth & Barlow, High st., and Gas Works lane; sanitary plumbers, gas and hot-water engineers. Telephone No. 5 : Plumbers And Gas-FittersLocation
Birrell, J., Laburnum Bank Cottage, WormitLocation
Bisset, John, 9 Hillpark ter., WormitLocation
Black, Arthur, Pierhead; also undertaker : JoinersLocation
Black, G. B., Clivemount, 9 Linden avenue, East NewportLocation
Black, John F.; Gas Manager [under Newport Town Officials]Location
Boase, Miss, Tighnavon, W. N. Location
Boreland, Wm. P., BellevueLocation
Bowden, W., Tay st. : Spirit Dealers Location
Bowden, Wm. (Trs. of), Tay st. Location
Brand, Misses, Bay House, Tay st. Location

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