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1882 Slater dir      There are 426 records.

Adie Miss Margaret, West NewportLocation
Alexander Mr. David, St. Phillan's HouseLocation
Allan Rev. Robert, Congregational Church, Newport : Places Of Worship And Their Ministers.Location
Allan Rev. Robert, Sunnybank, E NLocation
Allardice Miss Margaret, Sea CraigLocation
Allison Mr. Matthew, 4 Struan plLocation
Anderson Mr. Alex., Castle Cottage, W NLocation
Anderson Mr. David, Ellenmount, W NLocation
Anderson Mr. Robert, Laurel terLocation
Anderson Mr. William, Scotia Villa, W NLocation
Anderson Peter, Pierhead : Bakers.Location
Anderson William, Agra House, Robert st : Ship Masters.Location
Anns Mr. Thomas, Bellevue Cottage, W NLocation
Arkley Mr. David, King stLocation
Arnott David, Wester Friartown : Farmers In Forgan Parish.Location
Arthur John, Tayfield, Newport : Farmers In Forgan Parish.Location
Bain Mrs. Christina, William stLocation
Balfour David, Union st : Grocers & Spirit DealersLocation
Ballingall Mrs. Peter, Newton : Farmers In Forgan Parish.Location
Ballingall William, Balmerino parish : Registrar Of Births, Marriages & Deaths[not in Forgan parish]
Ballingall William, inspector & collector, Balmerino Parochial Board : Miscellaneous.[not in Forgan parish]
Ballingall William, master, Gauldry, Balmerino : Board Schools[not in Forgan parish]
Ballingall Wm., inspector of poor, Balmerino : Miscellaneous.[not in Forgan parish]
Barrett Lucy, teacher of music, 4 St. Phillan's pl : Miscellaneous.Location
Barron Mr. James, Brae knowe, W NLocation
Barry David, Osborne pl., King st : Ship Masters.Location
Bartlett Agnes, Robert st : Milliners & Dressmakers.Location
Batchelor George, upholsterer, William st : Miscellaneous.Location
Baxter Mr. Henry, Alma ter. W NLocation
Beattie Mr. James, 10 Kilnburn plLocation
Beatts Mr. John M., The Terrace, W NLocation
Belford Mr. James C., Rosebank House, W NLocation
Bell Mr. William F., Woodmuir park, W NLocation
Berry Mrs. Margaret, of Tayfield, Tayfield HouseLocation
Black James, mngr, Newport Gas Light Co : Miscellaneous.Location
Blacklaws Mr. John, The Terrace, W NLocation
Blyth Andrew, Bottom Craig, Balmerino : Ship Masters.[not in Forgan parish]
Blyth Mrs. Mary, Hill Side crescentLocation
Boase Mr. Samuel S., Craighead, E NLocation
Boggie Miss Rachel, Harp CottageLocation
Borwick Mrs. Janet, Woodside, E NLocation
Boyd Mrs. -, TaybankLocation
Boyes Mr. James, Derby House, E NLocation
Brown David, clerk, Bloomfield House, E N : Miscellaneous.Location
Brown James (& agent for the Caledonian Insurance Co.), Kilnburn House : Builders.Location
Brown James, to Dundee from Gauldry, Friday : Carriers.[not in Forgan parish]
Brown Mr. George, Tay Cottage, E NLocation
Brown Mr. James, Kilnburn HouseLocation
Brown Mr. James, Youngsdale VillaLocation
Brown Mr. John, Elma VillaLocation

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