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Valuation Roll Entries

1871-72 VR     There are 450 records.

No.PropertyWdAddressProprietorTenantOccupierFeu DutyValue £sd
1 Newton Farm Earl of Zetland George Ballingall, farmer 1132-15-8 View detailsLocation
2 Woodlands Earl of Zetland 2 View details
3 Wormit Farm Wedderburn of Birkhill John Blair, farmer 514-10-0 View detailsLocation
4 Scroggieside Wedderburn of Birkhill David Grieve, farmer 53 View detailsLocation
5 Salmon fishings Wedderburn of Birkhill Peter Simpson, salmon fisher 65 View detailsLocation
6 St Fort House, offices and Garden St Fort Robert Balfour Stewart 160 View detailsLocation
7 St Fort Home Farm St Fort Robert Balfour Stewart 850 View detailsLocation
8 Woodlands St Fort Robert Balfour Stewart 110 View details
9 Houses St Fort St Fort Robert Balfour Stewart 9 View detailsLocation
10 House St Fort St Fort John Stewart, gamekeeper 4 View detailsLocation
11 Woodhaven Farm St Fort John Rhind & Henry Stewart Rhind, farmers 210 View detailsLocation
12 Woodhaven hill land St Fort Alexander Keay, farmer 40 View details
13 Flass Farm St Fort Alexander Keay, farmer 499-4-10 View detailsLocation
14 Wester & Upper Friarton Farms St Fort Andrew Knox, farmer 937 View detailsLocation
15 Easter Friarton Farm St Fort William Oliphant, farmer 429-0-4 View detailsLocation
16 Land Pickletillum St Fort Fyfe 8-15-0 View details
17 House, smithy and Garden St Fort St Fort John Murdoch, smith 11 View detailsLocation
18 House and Garden Boulterhall St Fort Thomas Johnston 4 View detailsLocation
19 Houses and Gardens Seggieden St Fort 6-10-0 View detailsLocation
20 House and Garden Forgan St Fort David Murdoch, smith 6 View detailsLocation
21 House and Garden near Woodhaven St Fort Alexander Balfour, labourer 5 View detailsLocation
22 Houses and Gardens under £4 Woodhaven St Fort 7-4-0 View details
23 Houses and Garden Woodhaven St Fort Alexander McDougall, carpenter 8-10-0 View detailsLocation
24 Houses and Garden Woodhaven St Fort John Knox, pensioner 8-10-0 View detailsLocation
25 Inn Woodhaven St Fort John Grant, vintner 18 View detailsLocation
26 Garden, pier dues etc Woodhaven St Fort John Grant, vintner 22 View detailsLocation
27 House, wright's shop etc Woodhaven St Fort James Duncan, wright 13 View detailsLocation
28 Granary Woodhaven St Fort 10 View detailsLocation
29 Salmon fishings Woodhaven St Fort John Harris, salmon fisher 5 View details
30 Fisher's Cottage Woodhaven St Fort George Hood, late farmer 14 View detailsLocation
31 Land Woodmuir St Fort George Just, builder 9-3-4 View details
32 Wellgate House and Garden St Fort John Leng 0-2-6 35 View detailsLocation
33 House and Garden Wester Newport St Fort Miss Helen Melville 15-10-0 View detailsLocation
34 Houses & land Bogearn Miss Mary Greig Russell, Kinnaird James Peebles, labourer 1 14-10-0 View detailsLocation
35 House & land Bogearn Miss Mary Greig Russell, Kinnaird Mary Ann Kay 11-15-0 View detailsLocation
36 Tayfield House and Garden Tayfield John Berry 100 View detailsLocation
37 Tayfield South Lodge Tayfield John Berry 3 [combined in original]View detailsLocation
37 Tayfield North Lodge Tayfield John Berry 4 [combined in original]View detailsLocation
38 Tayfield Woodlands & Policies Tayfield John Berry 10 View details
39 Tayfield House Park Tayfield Robert Arthur, farmer 49-2-0 View details
40 Tayfield Home Farm etc Tayfield Robert Arthur, farmer 218-8-2 View details
41 Farm of Seamill Tayfield Robert Arthur, farmer 71-10-0 View details
42 Farm of Craighead Tayfield William Arthur, farmer 171-6-1 View detailsLocation
43 Farm of Inverdovat Tayfield Trustees late Archibald Brown 624-9-4 View detailsLocation
44 Farm of Causewayhead Tayfield Robert Buddo, farmer 463-3-9 View detailsLocation
45 Farm of Northfield Tayfield David Dickson, innkeeper 229-18-9 View detailsLocation
46 Parknowe Pendicle & houses Tayfield Thomas Waters, gardener 26 View detailsLocation
47 Parknowe & Newport Lands & houses Tayfield David Dickson, innkeeper 40-7-1 View details
48 Whinstone Quarries Tayfield Messrs Mann & Myles, contractors 20 View details
49 House, garden etc Waterstone Crook Tayfield Robert Arthur, farmer Joseph Garland 45 View detailsLocation

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