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1896 Slater dir      There are 566 records.

Sheach Robert. 12 Kilnburn place, E Location
Sheach William. 12 Kilnburn place, E Location
Shepherd John W. Tay view, ELocation
Shepherd Lizzie (Mrs.), bookseller & stationer, High street, E [under Commercial]Location
Shields Mrs. Bellevue terrace, E Location
Shiells Matthew, Rosebank cottage, W Location
Sievewright John L. Craiglea, E Location
Sievewright Mrs. Eifer lodge, E Location
Sime The Misses, Abercraig, WLocation
Slimman George, Ellenbank [under Wormit]Location
Smith Arthur, 13 Linden avenue, ELocation
Smith Daniel S. Woodbine ho. King st. ELocation
Smith George K. Abkari ho. Tay View ter. ELocation
Smith Georgina (Mrs.), householder, Louisa terrace, E [under Commercial]Location
Smith James, Marybank house [under Wormit]Location
Smith James, shipmaster, Marybank [under Wormit Commercial]Location
Smith Janet (Mrs.). fishmonger, Pierhd. E [under Commercial]Location
Smith John C. Tay terrace, ELocation
Smith Miss, The Laurels, ELocation
Smith Mrs. Fern cottage, WLocation
Smith Robert, Taybrae cottage, WLocation
Smith Thomas, Inverdovat [under Farmers]Location
Smith William, Tay grove, ELocation
Smith, Allan, Taybrae cottage, WLocation
Sommerville Mrs. 7 Linden avenue, ELocation
Speed James G. Magask, ELocation
Spry Henry, householder, Rose cottage. E [under Commercial]Location
Stables, J., teacher; [under Industrial Training Ship 'Mars']Location
Stark Walter, baker & confectioner, Robert street, E [under Commercial]Location
Steel Ebenezer B. Fernlea bank [under Wormit]Location[? probably this house, but could be 28]
Steel Ebenezer E. Thornbank [under Wormit]Location
Stephen James, Woodmoor, WLocation
Steven William C. shipmaster, Holly cottage, W [under Commercial]Location
Stewart Alexander, Crossmount [under Wormit]Location
Stewart David, Riverlea [under Wormit]Location
Stewart John A. Woodmuir park, WLocation
Stewart John L.R.C.P.L.M. Edin. surgeon & physician, Lovaine villa. E [under Commercial]Location
Stewart John, Lovaine villa, ELocation
Stewart Thomas P., M.A. Lovaine villa, ELocation
Stewart Thomas P., M.B., C.M. surgeon & physician, Lovaine villa, E [under Commercial]Location
Stirling Mrs. Park house, WLocation
Stiven James, Rosemount, ELocation
Storrier John, slater, Pierhead, E [under Commercial]Location
Stovin, T., teacher; [under Industrial Training Ship 'Mars']Location
Strachan Alexander, The Terrace, WLocation
Strathern John, householder, Maryfield terrace, E [under Commercial]Location
Sturrock Alexander. Rockard [under Wormit]Location
Sturrock James, Seacraig, King street, ELocation
Sturrock William. Earnbank [under Wormit]Location
Sturrock Wm. boot & shoe ma., Union st. F. [under Commercial]Location

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